Establishing your new lawn!



Your new lawn is cut and delivered within 12 hours and should be laid immediately.


Before laying:


Before laying your new lawn have your soil base level and about 2-2.5cm below any mow strip. Fertilise the soil with fertiliser at the recommended rate.


Laying your turf:


Lay one strip around the perimeter first, then lay across the slope (if applicable) in a brickwork fashion, cutting where necessary with a sharp spade or shears.


After laying:


After laying your new lawn, it must be watered immediately and cannot be top dressed (especially in the hotter months).


Newly transplanted turf requires extra care (especially water) for the first few weeks.


Turf must be kept moist at all times until the roots have taken.


During daylight hours the leaf should not be allowed to dry out, pay special attention to edge areas near concrete or brick, these will suffer the most.


A soaker hose is the preferred method of watering as these keep the turf moist with the minimum amount of water and hence the least amount of flooding in the sub-soil area.


To test the soil moisture use a 100mm/4" probe, the ground should be moist to this level.


If the weather is hot/windy, up to 10 hours watering per day may be required. If turf appears to lose colour during the first month after laying, water has not been sufficient and should be immediately increased.


Once turf has taken root (7-10 days in summer, 10-14 days in winter), water can be increased to a level that will depend on the climatic conditions. As a guide, the lawn should receive 2-3 deep waterings in summer per week, or 1 per week in winter - until fully established (approx. 12months).


Once fully established, one deep watering per week is usually sufficient except in extreme conditions.